'Own Your Life World Campaign (C21FG International)' The Alternative Way To Raise Capital, Apply Now!!!

C21FG International, is an Independent International Business Organization currently in Nigeria, this organization shows people who need capital for their businesses/projects an alternative
means to raise capital without going to the bank to seek for loans or dropping collateral, the good thing is that applicants don't need to pay back when capital is raised.

Do you need cash flow to start up, expand a business or project?

Century21 Freedom Group International (C21FG) is a business development and empowerment
group tag; the "Own Your Life Campaign" it is a business campaign that shows selected people how
to start up new businesses/projects and or expand existing ones within a stipulated period of time.

Text the following information to........08068134476

1. Your name
2. Name of your business/project
3. The required amount you need to start up or expand your business/project
4. Your phone number
5. Location.

For Example:
1. Stephen Emeka
2. Delight Fashion Designs, and Stylist
3. 3,000,000
4. 08036304007
5. Garki, Abuja.

Our campaign representatives will immediately contact you after receiving your SMS.

Note; Limits slots available.


  1. How is the process in brief of raising capital.

  2. In your selection process, is it automated or it is manually selected?

  3. How will I pay back should I be considered? Is it not a form of soft loan. Pls expatiate. I need to know


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