How To Develop A Highly Motivated Spirit Daily - Episode 2

Previously in our last discussion we took a look of one way of been self highly motivated, and that was to stay focused. 

We shall continue with the elements of distractions that can take one of the place of motivation.  We have talked about Friends 

It might ring a bell, how will family be a distraction to me. Friends it can be a great agent to pull you down, if you are not given to a decision of been focused no matter what. 

You can be filled with all idea and joy to carryout a particular assignment,  family members could puncture and scorn you out of it when mockery word and negative steps are acted towards you.

Be careful what you tell you family members,  about your plans are desire,  try out what you have at heart and watch.  And if in that state,  they still try to bring your motivation down stay clear of them and never get intimidated to quit your Dream. 

How do you also develope highly motivated Spirit 

Live with Passion
When you are passionate about what you want to do or what you do,  you will always be motivated to take more successful step to get the desired  greatness.

Don't sell you passion for unworthy pleasures,  that will not last you long. 

How To Develop A Highly Motivated Spirit Daily still continues
Join us for Episode 3.

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